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Garden rooms | Don't move, improve!


Garden rooms are proven to add value to your home while giving you the extra space or change that homeowners crave when looking to move.

Instead of considering the upheaval and costs, improving your home with a garden room could be the cost-effective alternative that satisfies the itch.

There’s a reason why garden rooms and offices have been the number one most popular home feature. Rightmove property expert Tim Bannister says, “Features like an outdoor office space have soared as working patterns have changed.” Prospective buyers are looking at alternative spaces like garden rooms hence their increasing popularity in UK homes.

With skyrocketing house prices, sellers are rushing to the market to cash in on their homes. However, with people desperate to sell, the housing market has become saturated, brimming with competition. Zoopla’s house price index shows a staggering 60% housing increase, buyers have more leverage to negotiate.


Consider alternatives to moving, like home improvement! By adding a luxury garden room, you can generate greater interest while fetching a higher price or even fall in love with your house all over again.




UNCERTAIN HOUSING MARKET – House prices keep rising, making it risky to sell at the wrong time. Holding onto your home can help you avoid uncertainty and potentially benefit from future market improvements.

COSTLY FEES – Legal and surveyor fees can quickly add up, eating into your budget for home improvements. Moving costs are also significant, including packing materials, petrol, and potentially hiring a moving company.

TIME CONSUMING – Selling a home and finding a buyer can be a lengthy process, with potential delays due to market conditions and negotiation phases. Instead of waiting for months, consider installing a luxury garden room in as little as 3-5 days to create the space your house needs.

STRESSFUL – Staying in your current home offers the benefits of comfort, established relationships, and cherished memories. Instead of the hassle of moving, consider making home improvements to reignite your love for your home.


Investing in a garden room is a cost-effective alternative to moving homes. It eliminates costly fees like stamp duty, legal, and removal costs while increasing property value. This one-time purchase instantly transforms your outdoor space and adds value to your estate.

A garden room provides the extra space you need without relocation hassle. Whether it’s a home office, gym, studio, or quiet retreat, it fulfils your specific requirements. This is especially useful if you need to grow your current space but want to stay in your home or neighbourhood.

A garden room enhances your quality of life by offering a dedicated space for hobbies and interests. It’s an excellent solution for space constraints caused by a growing family or remote work. Embrace home improvements like garden rooms to solve your space predicament.

If you want to find out more, click HERE to see how you can a garden room to improve your home!

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