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Top tips to save water in the bathroom


With the phrase ‘how to save money’ receiving over 12,000 monthly Google searches, and searches for information about ‘energy bills’ having increased over 1,000% since last year, it’s clear that many of us are trying to reduce our spending as a result of the cost-of-living crisis.

Reducing your water consumption can play a key part in helping bring your household spend down, without drastically changing your habits. By making a few small changes, you can cut your usage – and in turn, your household bills and carbon footprint too.



Ashley Cooper, Marketing Director at Triton Showers, shares his top tips to save water in the bathroom:

Opt for an electric shower

"Drawing on domestic cold mains supplies and heating water on demand, electric showers offer an energy efficient solution. According to our latest research, showering with an electric unit could help save up to 52,000 litres of water when compared to alternatives and cost nearly a third less than its mixer counterpart each year.

2. Fit a flow regulator

“If you have a mixer shower, then fitting a flow regulator could help reduce your water usage. These cost-effective devices can be easily fitted in the outlet of a shower unit or the inlet of a showerhead to limit flow. This simple tactic alone could help a family of three save an estimated £240 per year.


3. Save a minute (or three)

“If a family of two each reduced their average showering time from eight minutes to five minutes – assuming they each have a daily 10-minute shower at 41 degrees – as a household they could potentially save 8,424 litres of water when using an electric shower and up to 26,208 litres when using a mixer.”

4. Reduce the number of baths you take 

“Limiting the quantity of baths you take can reduce your water usage whilst helping bring utility costs down. When comparing a 7.5-minute shower with an electric unit (8.5kW) to a bath**, you can save around 51 litres of water and up to 34% on your bills by opting for the former. For those who may not have access to a shower, or indeed fancy a soak, shallow filling the bath can save litres of water.


5. Utilise handy tools 

“Triton’s online water and energy calculator provides useful hints and tips around consumption – specifically tailored to your household usage. Those looking to reduce their bills, and carbon footprint can use the calculator to discover the small changes they can make to reduce usage and help protect the planet in the process.”



For further information about electric and mixer showers, visit Here you can learn more through Triton’s handy product selector guide, which talks you through the basics of showering, ensuring you select the best solution for you and your home.