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Lemon Vases by La Signora - "A journey into the Italian dolce vita"


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Lemon Vases by La Signora (a THEHOUSEFUL brand)

"A journey into the Italian dolce vita"

Between sky and sea, in the most authentic heart of Italy, the La Signora ceramic vases are born.

The luxury of handmade craftsmanship, the sophistication of Italian creativity, the vitaminic joy of colour.

Defining its identity is the lemon, a symbol of the Amalfi Coast, a succulent fruit from the land of Sicily, which speaks of sunny days, suspended time, fun, carefreeness, and lightness.

So perfect that you can almost smell their fragrance, the Lemon vases are objects with a strong personality, lush in style, and irresistible works where Italian craftsmanship is tangible in every detail.

Offered in three versions, they are perfect for creating a corner that exudes summer and escapism, to be enjoyed alone or in company. To feel immersed in the sweet, all-Italian dolce vita.

Availability: Available now in the UK - shipping worldwide 

Price Range: £185-£345

Details: Made in Italy, Ceramic