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Eneco Holdings, Inc. to Spark Fuel Revolution with Low-Price, High-Concentration, Scalable Hydrogen-generation Technology

Secret to Zero-Carbon Economy is Small Amount of Water?!
World’s Top-Performing HHO (Oxyhydrogen) Gas

The Press Conference (Photo: Business Wire)
Eneco Holdings, Inc. is committed to the research and development of eco-friendly fuel technologies that reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. In 2015, we developed an emulsion fuel that achieves a complete fusion of 50% oil and 50% water. When used to drive buses on public roads, this fuel cuts carbon dioxide emissions roughly in half—the first achievement of its kind in Japan. This highly acclaimed technology is already installed and operating in Indonesia, Bangladesh, and the Philippines, and is set for introduction in Singapore, Australia, China, Laos, and Myanmar. 

 Given the urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, Eneco Holdings, Inc. has turned its attention to hydrogen gas in a bid to drive the transition to a zero-carbon economy. Although hydrogen fuel has already captured worldwide attention as an eco-friendly fuel, procurement of the raw materials to produce it imposes a significant environmental burden. 

The search for solutions is ongoing: Some companies extract hydrogen from the combustion of imported fossil fuels, while others combust waste (biomass) or generate hydrogen fuel from solar and other renewable energy sources. Eneco Holdings, Inc. today announces to global audiences Eneco PLASMA R Hydrogen GAS, a device that generates HHO (oxyhydrogen) gas utilizing an evolved application of the principle of water electrolysis. This technology makes it possible to manufacture high-concentration HHO gas at scale through the chemical reaction of small volumes of water and a proprietary catalyst. It uses very little electricity and is capable of high output at low temperatures. The price of hydrogen fuel in Japan currently stands at about 100 yen per cubic meter. 

This technology is expected to cut that price by more than two thirds, to less than 30 yen. Eneco PLASMA R Hydrogen GAS requires no resource imports or transportation and no large-scale capital investment; the only material input is water, an easily available resource. 

Through sales and maintenance of the hydrogen generator and sales of the catalyst, Eneco Holdings, Inc. will contribute to tangible reductions of carbon dioxide emissions and thus a more sustainable society. The day will soon come when 65 kWh of electricity (enough to power one household for a week) can be generated with just 2 liters of water and Eneco Holdings hydrogen fuel technology. Eneco Holdings, Inc. is committed to revolutionizing the way we think about energy, addressing the environmental crises of our day, and helping to create a better future for all.